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Warlord Aruidair

Warlord Aruidair rose to power two decades before the rise of Aggennon. Scraping out a slice of land north of Kerd, he was an ally of the Kelerian Throne and Everhall. Helping both nations solidify and protect their borders by hiring out his soldiers, Aruidair ingratiated himself to both countries.

But then he was turned to the forces of Shadow. No one knows why he did this, but it is suspected that a high priest within the Cult of Secrets had place a command spell over him. Without alerting his allies, Aruidair began consolidating his own power and collecting an even larger ally. When the cult finally revealed itself to the world, it did so by raising thousands of undead soldiers to reinforce Aruidair’s living troops.

When Belruel Aldaelon and her supporters discovered his ruse, they gathered their armies and marched on his tower, destroting his forces along the way. Eventually they reached the Blackstone itself. Aruidair sent out his reserve forces, mostly made of disposessed races from the area such as the goblin and orc tribes. Yet another bloody battle was fought, but Belruel’s forces were victorious. Riding from her columns, Belruel approached the gates, and demanded Aruidair to surrender. Laughing, Aruidair revealed his overwatch position on a balcony above, and unsheathed his greatbow. He nocked a specially crafted arrow, the Blight Arrow, and fired it at Belruel, striking her true. Its poisons and necrotic energies immediately began assaulting her, as his craftsmans had promised. The she-elf’s forces withdrew in panic.

Aruidair did not know what occurred after the assault on his tower, but it did not matter. A priest of Vecna came to him, and showed him the ultimate victory that could be achieved if he threw his lot in with the Cult. When he pledged allegiance, the priest surged with the power of Vecna and cast a spell that would begin rending the very earth. He raised from the grave every body that had been slain and not utterly destroyed in the previous battles, friend and foe alike. Aruidair was commanded to lead his new undead army to Everhall itself, to destroy the last remaining true power in the world.

Aruidair began his march with his new orders, and reached the Dracheburg as the forces of Light descended on him. A circle of Cult agents formed and successfully summoned Aggennon, who immediately forced the Light to retreat. Aruidair chased them all the way to the Kerdian Pass, where the army of Light made a final stand. By this time, nintey percent of Aruidair’s forces were made up of undead, taken from the ranks of his own troops, as well as the fallen of the enemy. These undead were enriched with Aggennon’s energies, and were inexorably linked with him.

Unbeknownst to him, though, the Light had another plan; to trap Aggennon and force Aruidair to retreat. They gathered their mages, and were able to successfully trap Aggennon, which removed his army’s bolstering effects. Aruidair was forced to flee, and the remainder of the forces of light caught up with him at the Dracheburg, where they systematically slew every last member of his army, including Aruidair himself. They continued on to the Blackstone, and after it was razed, entombed Aruidair’s body within the ruins. They left the Blackstone’s foundations remaining as a reminder to those who dabble in the dark arts.

Warlord Aruidair

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