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Tiamat is the evil goddess of greed, wealth, and envy. She is one of the oldest gods. She is traditionally the patron deity of chromatic dragons, though in truth even metallics can be evil and chromatics good; thus it would be more appropriate to call her the patron deity of evil dragons. Very few humanoids revere her, though there have been reports of early dragonborn cults dedicated to her as a “mother figure”.

According to a myth in Races of the Dragon, an ancient tract about the noble creatures by scholar Artimus Vericus, “Io’s first child was a small, simple-minded dragon called Vorel. Vorel’s name means ‘beautiful’ in Draconic, for beautiful she was, perfect of scale and form. Next Io created a pair of children, male and female he created them: Bahamut and Tiamat were their names. Io intended them to grow up and mate, producing children that combined the best traits of each. Instead, the two were immediate rivals, yet Io would not choose a favorite between them. After many failed schemes to make herself look better and Bahamut worse, Tiamat hatched a diabolical plan: she slew her sister Vorel and framed Bahamut for the awful deed. Io, however, carefully sought out the truth, and sorrowfully banished his daughter Tiamat from his presence. Tiamat turned utterly to hatred and Evil, while her brother Bahamut, ever her rival, turned to Good in order to oppose her. So it was that Io lost three of his children: the first to death, the second to Evil, and the last to Good.”

Tiamat order her followers thusly:
  • All wealth is yours; take it, and Tiamat shall be with you.
  • Hate the Platimun Dragon God and his followers, for her has besmirched your mistress, and her worries are your issues.
  • If someone has what you want, take it from them; if they are too weak to stop you, they do not deserve what you took.


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