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Jerie Holkyns, in his middling years

Born as the Time of Strife was coming to an end, Holkyns became a bard in his mid-twenties. Quickly rising to fame and popularity, he was well-known for his music and lyrics, as well as his fluency with language and comedic timing. Alongside his performing companion Maiq Crahulic, he was the most well-known bard in Everhall, and possibly the world.

In the year Belruel Aldaelon was canonized by Everhall, Jerie finished what he called “The Lay of Belruel”. First perfomed during the Everfair of that year, it quickly became his most popular song of all time, despite is melancholy topic.

Jerie Holkyns died of natural causes a week after his ninety-fourth birthday. His passing was peaceful, and he left a significant portion of his wealth and earthly belongings to the charities formed by Belruel’s shrine, the rest going to his son Ehlliet Holkyns.

Jerie Holkyns

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