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Corellon is he patron deity of arcane magic and the fey. He is the god of spring, beauty, and the arts. He seeded the world with arcane magic and planted the most ancient forests. It is rumored that the Goldenwood is one of his forests; this would explain why the eladric and elvish peoples reside almost singularly in this region. Artists and musicians revere him, as do those who view their spellcasting as an art.

He is one of the three founding deities of the Spiral Tower, alongside Erathis and Ioun. The only known temple of Corellon is in Everhall City, at the base of the Spiral Tower itself in the public-access section.

He despises Lolth and her priestesses for leading the Drow astray. He urges his followers thus:
  • Cultivate beauty in all that you do, whether you’re casting a spell, composing a saga, strumming a lute, or practicing the arts of war.
  • Seek out lost magic items, forgotten rituals, and ancient works of art. Corellon might have inspired them in the world’s first days.
  • Thwart the followers of Lolth at every opportunity.


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