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Belruel Aldaelon

Belruel Aldaelon was born into royalty.Her father, Heian Aldaelon, was one of the regents of the Kelerian Throne, and her mother, Chaedhi Evensong, was a Sentinel Captain. As a princess of the Kelerian Throne, but not the crown princess, she was granted a duchy as per Kelerian law. This gave her land and title, from which to draw resources and bodies for her later actions.

She was marked early in life as having vast magical prowess. When she reached physical maturity, she was sent to Everhall to become a wizard of the Spiral Tower. Achieving great success, she was slated to become the youngest member of the Grey Council, when word of strange disappearances and undead reached Everhall. Being young and brash, and quite full of her immene power, she decided to investigate on her own.

Eventually she discovered the Cult of Secrets, and Warlord Aruidair’s involvement with them. when she discovered his amassing armies, she rushed back to Everhall to speak with her superiors. Her report went well, but the Grey Council would not take action until more evidence had been gathered. Her attempts to coerce the Kelerian Throne met the same fate. Though being urged to bide her time by her superiors on both factions, Belruel decided upon a course of action that would forever change history.

Gathering up a small force comprised of her own troops, as well as those of a very few select supporters, Belruel assaulted the Blackstone, eventually driving them to its gates. Calling out to Aruidair, she demanded he reveal himself. He appeared on his balcony, but before she could bring him down, he shot an arrow at her, striking her in the torso. While any normal wound could have been aided by her healers, this was no ordinary wound; she had to be treated in Everhall. Her forces immediately retreated, leaving Aruidair in his keep.

Traveling with all speed, Belruel’s pain increased to intolerable levels. It was exceedingly damagin to her troops’ morale to hear their beloved commander reduced to incoherent babbling due to the agony of the necrotic energies coursing through her body. When they reached Everhall, though, the wailing suddenly ceased; Belruel had passed. Dozens of attempts to raise her failed, and the Spiral Tower soon resigned its attempts. A funeral service was held, and her body interred withing the Spiral Tower catacombs.

Her death galvanized both Everhall and Keleria to action, ending in the defeat of Aruidair and Aggennon.

Forty years after her death she was canonized as a Saint in everhall, and a new shrine was built dedicated to her. During the festival surrounding the dates of her death and the defeat of the Cult of Secrets called “Everfair”, the popular bard Jerie Holkyns wrote what he called “The Lay of Belruel”, in which he sung about her life and deeds.

Keleria did not participate in any of the festivities, and in fact retreated into the Golden Wood, taking most of its nationals with it. Keleria is thought to have held a grudge against Everhall, for Belruel’s body was not allowed to return to Keleria, instead being immediately buried in Everhall. Since then, Keleria has completely disappeared.

Today, Belruel’s shrine still stands as one of the locations that pilgrims to Everhall visit, alongside the Spiral Tower itself and the Temple of Light. Everfair, however, is rarely celebrated, and is merely mentioned.

Belruel Aldaelon

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