Saint's Light

Session VI

  • The party escapes from the dimensional shift, the Stone of Storms in hand, to find a defense cordon made up of the Hyldnír villagers and remnants of their warrior forces readied for battle on the mountaintop. A long fight ensues, with the party on the verge of victory, when the Dragon Dam, matriarch of the wyverns the Hyldnír use for transport and as steeds, attacks the players. After nearly killing Torn in one swipe of her massive tail, the party decides it’s time to leave.
  • With no escape route available to them, the party fights a losing battle against the Dragon Dam, when an airship flies in, firing at the Hyldnír. ‘The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend’ prevailed, and the party jumped aboard the vessel as soon as it made a flyby of the cliff edge.
  • Piloted by seemingly friendly forces, they weren’t out of the fight yet; a squadron of wyvern fighters and larger transports attack the vessel, with the crew and the party members to defend it. The fight is nearly lost when a wyvern crashes through the hull and almost destroys the main drive mast of the ship, but the party was able to drive off remaining fighters in the surrounding airspace; the ship headed east.
  • Rhor is met with a familiar face; that of Master Algurlin, an eladrin mage of high power, and his former mentor.
  • The airship flies off towards the horizon, towards an unfamiliar place…



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