Saint's Light

Session V

  • The party enters the Storm Temple directly after finishing the third trial. There they are met by High Priest Vietan, leader of the Hyldnír people. He congratulates them on completing the tasks, and sets them on their last; to go unaided into the plane of air to compete in front of Stronmaus himself. Still wearing their talismans, the party convinces Vietan to let them enter with them.
  • Soon after they enter the portal taking them to the plane of air, Vietan enters with armed guards, attempting to arrest them for the murders of Hyldnír townsfolk before the start of the Hyldsmeet. The party remove their talismans, and start a running fight to the portal to collect their fallen gear. A deadly battle ensues in the Storm Temple, but the party is victorious.
  • Re-entering the portal to collect the next stone of power, the party travels to the ziggurat where the light of the area is coming from. Seeing the party, Rhor of Andrix enters, and cautions them against removal, and urges the rest of them to flee. Karsa picks up the stone anyways, and soon after a large wind elemental, the guardian of the temple and the entity who had effectively trapped Rhor within the temple, appears. Drawn to its power, other air elementals appear. The party, joined by Rhor, battle for their existence. Defeating the Tempest Fury allows the party to escape.



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