Saint's Light

Session III

  • Party was transported to Everhall by the magic of the Stone of Ash.
  • Speaking to High Lord Ommett, one of the Grey Council members, they discover the secret of the Infinity Fold; that Aggennon the Unveiler was sealed away using the power of four elemental crystals. The party found one of them, the Stone of Ash.
  • Ommett tasks the party with finding and returning the other three to him, so that the crystals can be rechardged and rehidden; if they found one, that could mean that the other three have resurfaced, and if the Cult of Secrets obtained any, they could be used for great destruction.
  • Ommett reveals the location of the second stone; the Dracheburg.
  • Shava remains in Everhall to recover from her grievous injuries at the hands of the behir.
  • Traveling through Ironkeep unmolested, the party sets off through the Wastes, towards the Dracheburg. Along the way they were harrassed by a small gnoll party, though it turned out to be more of a minor inconvenience than any true threat.
  • Arriving at the Dracheburg, they are approached by an old crone, an outcast of the Hyldnír who live around the spire. She tells them of the Hyldsmeet, and tasks them with retriveing some artifacts, that she may craft amulets for them that glamor the party as Hyldnír, allowing them to enter the Hyldsmeet.
  • The part enters the mine, retrieve the artifacts, and return the the crone, gathering their talismans. Helan is also given a new holy symbol, in trade for a few of his posessions.
  • The party enters the Hyldsmeet, and await the first challenge.



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