Saint's Light

Session II

  • Party led to Tegit, determined by a message found on the body of the cleric from Riverton.
  • Party explores Tegit, uncovering the beginnings of a black market (which they leave alone). The black market was started due to the recent impossibly strict trade restrictions and censures placed by Tegit’s oligarchical ruling body.
  • Hired by a Captain Berhard to obtain his confiscated shipping papers, allowing him leave Tegit to find a port where his goods are appreciated. Discover a zombie infestation. Berhard offers the party free transportation to his next port of call.
  • Investigation leads them to the closed mines on the ground tier of Tegit. Within, they discover further evidence of a Cult of Secrets takeover. They encounter one of the oligarchy leaders, who had been turned into a ghoul by the cult. Another cleric attempts to thwart the poarty by deactivating the teleportation pad they had uncovered, but is defeated before doing so.
  • The party departs on the pad, whisked away to the Pembry Caldera.
  • Discovering a tribe of lizardfolk, they are taken to the Caldera. The party travels down it, and find a crystal. Before taking it, they are attacked by a mutated behir. Shava is almost killed.
  • Lifting the unseemingly heavy crystal, Helan decides to attempt to channel magic through it, and the party is whisked away back to Everhall.



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