Saint's Light

Session I

  • Introduction to the world of Everhall.
  • Party forms: Karsa Ragecaller, Goliath Barbarian wanderer; Helan, Elf Cleric of Avandra; Caldor Bloodrayne, Dragonborn Fighter of Kord; Rollen Splitbow, Half-Elf Ranger, with his companion Torn the Bear; and Shava Shadowsong, Elf Ranger, archery specialist.
  • Party assigned to protect the Spiral Tower mage Pelom Kett, which they promptly fail spectacularly. An assassin successfully infiltrates Kett’s classroom and murders him.
  • The party gives chase out of the Wizards’ Academy in Everhall, over rooftops and through markets and residential zone. A spectacular leap by Karsa nearly ends the assassin’s life, but a lucky break for him loses the party; the assassin escapes, but not before leaving behind a clue for the party.
  • The party takes the sabredart left by the assassin to various armor and weaponsmiths in the area, until one positively identifies it; a fletcher in Riverton.
  • Party travels by raft down the River Tam to Riverton. Making a detour to the Sahuaguin Cave south of Riverton, the party eventually get to the fletcher, to find him dead and his workshop destroyed.
  • The party discovers a secret entrance to an under ground tomb, where a cleric of the Cult of Secrets is attempting to raise a warband of undead. He is stopped.



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