Saint's Light

Session VI
  • The party escapes from the dimensional shift, the Stone of Storms in hand, to find a defense cordon made up of the Hyldnír villagers and remnants of their warrior forces readied for battle on the mountaintop. A long fight ensues, with the party on the verge of victory, when the Dragon Dam, matriarch of the wyverns the Hyldnír use for transport and as steeds, attacks the players. After nearly killing Torn in one swipe of her massive tail, the party decides it’s time to leave.
  • With no escape route available to them, the party fights a losing battle against the Dragon Dam, when an airship flies in, firing at the Hyldnír. ‘The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend’ prevailed, and the party jumped aboard the vessel as soon as it made a flyby of the cliff edge.
  • Piloted by seemingly friendly forces, they weren’t out of the fight yet; a squadron of wyvern fighters and larger transports attack the vessel, with the crew and the party members to defend it. The fight is nearly lost when a wyvern crashes through the hull and almost destroys the main drive mast of the ship, but the party was able to drive off remaining fighters in the surrounding airspace; the ship headed east.
  • Rhor is met with a familiar face; that of Master Algurlin, an eladrin mage of high power, and his former mentor.
  • The airship flies off towards the horizon, towards an unfamiliar place…
Session V
  • The party enters the Storm Temple directly after finishing the third trial. There they are met by High Priest Vietan, leader of the Hyldnír people. He congratulates them on completing the tasks, and sets them on their last; to go unaided into the plane of air to compete in front of Stronmaus himself. Still wearing their talismans, the party convinces Vietan to let them enter with them.
  • Soon after they enter the portal taking them to the plane of air, Vietan enters with armed guards, attempting to arrest them for the murders of Hyldnír townsfolk before the start of the Hyldsmeet. The party remove their talismans, and start a running fight to the portal to collect their fallen gear. A deadly battle ensues in the Storm Temple, but the party is victorious.
  • Re-entering the portal to collect the next stone of power, the party travels to the ziggurat where the light of the area is coming from. Seeing the party, Rhor of Andrix enters, and cautions them against removal, and urges the rest of them to flee. Karsa picks up the stone anyways, and soon after a large wind elemental, the guardian of the temple and the entity who had effectively trapped Rhor within the temple, appears. Drawn to its power, other air elementals appear. The party, joined by Rhor, battle for their existence. Defeating the Tempest Fury allows the party to escape.
Session IV
  • The first of three challenges of the Hyldsmeet happens: It is a vast arena battle, desined to test the tactics and intelligence of the challengers. Fights are to the death. The party defeats the challengers of Clan Syf, eliminating them from the hyldsmeet.
  • The second challenge is to test the combat worthiness of the combatants; a joust. The party, though split as per the rules of engagement, easily defeat Clan Geidram.
  • The third challenge, to test the Clansmans courage, is a fight upon drakes circling the Storm Temple, high atop the Dracheburg. A harrying battle progressess with enemies and allies alike hopping between drakes and throwing combatants to their doom, though the party emerges scathed but victorious.
Session III
  • Party was transported to Everhall by the magic of the Stone of Ash.
  • Speaking to High Lord Ommett, one of the Grey Council members, they discover the secret of the Infinity Fold; that Aggennon the Unveiler was sealed away using the power of four elemental crystals. The party found one of them, the Stone of Ash.
  • Ommett tasks the party with finding and returning the other three to him, so that the crystals can be rechardged and rehidden; if they found one, that could mean that the other three have resurfaced, and if the Cult of Secrets obtained any, they could be used for great destruction.
  • Ommett reveals the location of the second stone; the Dracheburg.
  • Shava remains in Everhall to recover from her grievous injuries at the hands of the behir.
  • Traveling through Ironkeep unmolested, the party sets off through the Wastes, towards the Dracheburg. Along the way they were harrassed by a small gnoll party, though it turned out to be more of a minor inconvenience than any true threat.
  • Arriving at the Dracheburg, they are approached by an old crone, an outcast of the Hyldnír who live around the spire. She tells them of the Hyldsmeet, and tasks them with retriveing some artifacts, that she may craft amulets for them that glamor the party as Hyldnír, allowing them to enter the Hyldsmeet.
  • The part enters the mine, retrieve the artifacts, and return the the crone, gathering their talismans. Helan is also given a new holy symbol, in trade for a few of his posessions.
  • The party enters the Hyldsmeet, and await the first challenge.
Session II
  • Party led to Tegit, determined by a message found on the body of the cleric from Riverton.
  • Party explores Tegit, uncovering the beginnings of a black market (which they leave alone). The black market was started due to the recent impossibly strict trade restrictions and censures placed by Tegit’s oligarchical ruling body.
  • Hired by a Captain Berhard to obtain his confiscated shipping papers, allowing him leave Tegit to find a port where his goods are appreciated. Discover a zombie infestation. Berhard offers the party free transportation to his next port of call.
  • Investigation leads them to the closed mines on the ground tier of Tegit. Within, they discover further evidence of a Cult of Secrets takeover. They encounter one of the oligarchy leaders, who had been turned into a ghoul by the cult. Another cleric attempts to thwart the poarty by deactivating the teleportation pad they had uncovered, but is defeated before doing so.
  • The party departs on the pad, whisked away to the Pembry Caldera.
  • Discovering a tribe of lizardfolk, they are taken to the Caldera. The party travels down it, and find a crystal. Before taking it, they are attacked by a mutated behir. Shava is almost killed.
  • Lifting the unseemingly heavy crystal, Helan decides to attempt to channel magic through it, and the party is whisked away back to Everhall.
Session I
  • Introduction to the world of Everhall.
  • Party forms: Karsa Ragecaller, Goliath Barbarian wanderer; Helan, Elf Cleric of Avandra; Caldor Bloodrayne, Dragonborn Fighter of Kord; Rollen Splitbow, Half-Elf Ranger, with his companion Torn the Bear; and Shava Shadowsong, Elf Ranger, archery specialist.
  • Party assigned to protect the Spiral Tower mage Pelom Kett, which they promptly fail spectacularly. An assassin successfully infiltrates Kett’s classroom and murders him.
  • The party gives chase out of the Wizards’ Academy in Everhall, over rooftops and through markets and residential zone. A spectacular leap by Karsa nearly ends the assassin’s life, but a lucky break for him loses the party; the assassin escapes, but not before leaving behind a clue for the party.
  • The party takes the sabredart left by the assassin to various armor and weaponsmiths in the area, until one positively identifies it; a fletcher in Riverton.
  • Party travels by raft down the River Tam to Riverton. Making a detour to the Sahuaguin Cave south of Riverton, the party eventually get to the fletcher, to find him dead and his workshop destroyed.
  • The party discovers a secret entrance to an under ground tomb, where a cleric of the Cult of Secrets is attempting to raise a warband of undead. He is stopped.

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